A Carer is anyone who looks after a relative,neighbour or friend who needs support because of age, mental health problems, physical or learning disabilites or illness. Caring for someone can be physically exhausting and emotionally demanding. Many Carers have to give up employment, leading to loneliness, living on government benefits and consequent financial hardship.

Under the Carers (Recognition and Services) Act 1995 and the Carers and Disabled Children Act 2000 support is available. To ensure that our carers get all the help they need it is important that we are aware of who is caring for our patients. We need to know who to contact when there are issues concerning the patient and we need to make sure that the carers themselves are well supported and that they are capable of caring for the patient.

Our Carer's Champion (Assistant Practice Manager, Claire Edmunds) can signpost any Carers to the best means of support within their local area, ensuring the carer has all information that is relevant to their needs/concerns. Carers Information Packs are readily available at the Practice.

We would also like to know if you are a “Carer” to a relative, friend, neighbour,etc so that it can be noted on your medical records. This will also help us if any support/advice is needed by the “Carer”. A Carer may need to book an appointment at a specific time of day that will be convenient to the carer and the cared for patient and this can be arranged with a member of staff.

Please also find below a Carers Feedback Questionnaire for any carers who utilise Carer Friendly services. This gives carers an opportunity to feedback their experiences and concerns;




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